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Summary in English

So you don't speak Danish yet?
Well, this should not prevent you from making a good deal with us. On this page we will repeat in English the most pivotal information needed to buy a bike from us.

BrugteCykler.dk is offering a large assortment of second hand bikes. Prices are kept as low as possible. We are achieving this by opting for large volume to keep costs minimal.

This is what to expect:
WE PRIORITISE FUNCTION AND LOW PRICE OVER COSMETICS. If you would like cosmetic or other improvements, we can easily accomodate your requests in the shop (at discounted prices). However, some bikes are as if they were new (since some are only few months old).
a) All bikes were prepared for sale by certified mechanics
b) Every critical part was checked and adjusted (brake, transmission etc)
c) The bike has all legally obligatory equipment etc.
d) We grant a 6 month guarantee (does not include normal wear and tear)

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can easily send us an e-mail by clicking here. Or you can call an English speaking person on this number: 4030 0837. Our 3 shops are located here:

Click here to show big map and directions


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Butik: Skovlunde

Pris: kr. 395
Butik: Skovlunde

Pris: kr. 1795
Butik: Islev

Pris: kr. 2795
Butik: Østerbro

Pris: kr. 2095
Butik: Østerbro

Pris: kr. 8995
Butik: Fuglebjerg

Pris: kr. 1995
Butik: Islev

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Butik: Østerbro


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